Vocabulary Exercise: Definitions

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Vocabulary Practice

    Word * Part of Speech Definition Audio Available?
    pile Noun A mass of things heaped together; a heap Yes
    pile Verb To lay or throw into a heap; to heap up; to accumulate Yes
    file Noun A collection of papers collated and archived together Yes
    file Noun A column of people one behind another Yes
    file Noun A coarse metal hand tool used for removing sharp edges or for cutting, especially through metal. Yes
    file Verb To place in an archive in a logical place and order Yes
    file Verb To store in a file on a storage medium such as a disc or computer Yes
    file Verb To smooth, grind, or cut with a file Yes
    mile Noun A unit of measure (length or distance) equal to 5,280 feet Yes
    dike Noun A barrier of stone or earth used to hold back water and prevent flooding Yes
    like Verb To enjoy, be in favor of Yes
    like Verb To find attractive Yes
    like Verb To do something regularly Yes
    like Adjective Similar Yes
    like Preposition Somewhat similar to Yes
    like Noun Someone similar to a given person, or something similar to a given object; a type; a sort Yes
    fire Noun A chemical reaction involving the bonding of oxygen with carbon or other fuel Yes
    fire Noun The often accidental occurrence of fire in a certain place leading to its full or partial destruction Yes
    fire Noun The in-flight bullets or other projectiles shot from a gun Yes
    fire Verb To set something on fire Yes
    fire Verb To shoot a gun, a cannon, or a similar weapon Yes
    fire Verb To terminate the employment contract of an employee Yes
    tire Noun The rubber covering on a wheel Yes
    tire Verb To become sleepy or weary Yes
    tire Verb To make sleepy or weary Yes
    life Noun The state that precedes death and follows birth or conception Yes
    life Noun The world in general; existence Yes
    life Noun A worthwhile existence Yes
    life Noun The span of time during which an object operates Yes
    rife Adjective Widespread, common Yes
    rife Adjective Having power; active Yes
    wife Noun A married woman Yes
    hide Verb To put something in a place where it will be harder to discover or out of sight Yes
    hide Verb To put oneself in a place where one will be harder to find or out of sight Yes
    hide Noun The skin of an animal Yes
    ride Verb To transport oneself with a bicycle, a horse Yes
    ride Verb To sit on and control an animal for sport or recreation Yes
    ride Verb To be carried or supported by something with momentum Yes
    ride Noun An instance of riding Yes
    ride Noun An amusement ridden at a fair or amusement park Yes

    Vocabulary Word Activities

    • Use the word in an original sentence.
    • Find and learn the definition of the word.
    • Know how to pronounce the word.
    • Which parts of speech is the word used as (e.g. noun, verb)?
    • What are other forms of the word such as plurals or tenses.
    • What are synonyms of the word?
    • What are antonyms of the word?
    • What is the origin or etymology of the word?
    • What words rhyme with this word?

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