Vocabulary Exercise: Definitions

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Vocabulary Practice

    Word * Part of Speech Definition Audio Available?
    fall Verb To move to a lower position under the effect of gravity Yes
    fall Verb To come down, to drop or descend Yes
    fall Noun Autumn Yes
    fall Noun A waterfall Yes
    wall Noun A structure built for defense surrounding a city, castle, etc. Yes
    wall Noun Each of the permanent structures acting as the sides or divisions in a building Yes
    squall Noun A sudden storm Yes
    squall Verb To cry or wail loudly Yes
    boon Noun A blessing or benefit Yes
    boon Adjective Kind; bountiful Yes
    spoon Noun An scooped implement used for eating or serving Yes
    spoon Noun An implement for stirring food while being prepared Yes
    bloom Noun A blossom; the flower of a plant; an expanded bud Yes
    bloom Noun Flowers Yes
    bloom Noun The opening of flowers in general; the state of blossoming or of having the flowers open Yes
    bloom Verb To cause to blossom; to make flourish Yes
    bloom Verb Of a plant, to produce blossoms; to open its blossoms Yes
    broom Noun Fibers bound together at the end of a long handle, used for sweeping Yes
    broom Verb To sweep Yes
    stool Noun A seat for one person without a back or armrest Yes
    stool Noun A footstool Yes
    stool Noun Feces; excrement Yes
    cramp Noun A painful contraction of a muscle which cannot be controlled Yes
    cramp Verb To contract a muscle painfully and uncontrollably Yes
    cramp Verb To prohibit movement or expression Yes
    stamp Noun An act of stamping the foot, paw, or hoof Yes
    stamp Noun An indentation or imprint made by stamping Yes
    stamp Noun A device for stamping designs Yes
    stamp Noun A small piece of paper bearing a design on one side and adhesive on the other Yes
    stamp Noun A postage stamp Yes
    stamp Verb To step quickly and heavily, once or repeatedly Yes
    stamp Verb To mark by pressing quickly and heavily Yes
    stamp Verb To give an official marking to, generally by impressing or imprinting a design or symbol Yes
    stamp Verb To apply postage stamps to Yes
    grand Adjective Of large size or extent; great; greatest; chief; principal Yes
    grand Adjective Great in size; dignified or noble; majestic; magnificent Yes
    grand Adjective Having higher rank or more dignity, size, or importance than other persons or things of the same name Yes
    grand Adjective Standing in the second or some more remote degree of parentage or descent such as grandmother Yes
    stand Verb To be upright, support oneself on the feet in an erect position Yes
    stand Verb To rise to one's feet; to stand up Yes
    stand Verb To remain motionless Yes
    stand Verb To tolerate Yes
    stand Verb To place in an upright or standing position Yes
    stand Noun A device to hold something upright or aloft Yes
    stand Noun The platform on which a witness testifies in court; the witness stand Yes
    stand Noun A position; firm opinion; action for a purpose Yes
    stand Noun A small building or booth, as in a bandstand or hamburger stand Yes

    Vocabulary Word Activities

    • Use the word in an original sentence.
    • Find and learn the definition of the word.
    • Know how to pronounce the word.
    • Which parts of speech is the word used as (e.g. noun, verb)?
    • What are other forms of the word such as plurals or tenses.
    • What are synonyms of the word?
    • What are antonyms of the word?
    • What is the origin or etymology of the word?
    • What words rhyme with this word?

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