Vocabulary Exercise: Definitions

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Vocabulary Practice

    Word * Part of Speech Definition Audio Available?
    mental Adjective Of, or relating to, the mind or an intellectual process: Yes
    mental Adjective Of, or pertaining to, a crazy person Yes
    sheriff Noun A police officer, usually the chief of police for a county or other district Yes
    tendril Noun A thin, spirally, coiling stem that attaches a plant to its support Yes
    tendril Noun A hair-like tentacle Yes
    velvet Noun A soft, closely woven fabric with a smooth, thick pile on one side and a plain underside Yes
    velvet Noun Something similar to the fabric velvet, as in softness or texture Yes
    velvet Adjective Something made of velvet or covered with velvet Yes
    nectar Noun The sweet liquid secreted by flowers to attract pollinating insects and birds Yes
    bicker Verb To argue in a tiresome, insulting manner Yes
    critic Noun A person who appraises on the works of others Yes
    critic Noun A specialist in judging works of art Yes
    critic Noun One who criticizes; a person who finds fault Yes
    digit Noun A finger or toe Yes
    digit Noun A numeral that can be combined with others to write larger numbers, and that cannot itself be split into other numerals Yes
    flimsy Adjective Likely to bend or break under pressure; weak, shaky, flexible, or fragile Yes
    flippant Adjective Lacking proper respect or seriousness, showing inappropriate levity Yes
    frigid Adjective Very cold; lacking warmth; icy Yes
    frigid Adjective Chilly in manner; lacking affection Yes
    infant Noun A very young human being, from birth to somewhere between six months and two years of age, needing almost constant care and/or attention Yes
    infant Noun A minor, a person who is below the legal age Yes

    Vocabulary Word Activities

    • Use the word in an original sentence.
    • Find and learn the definition of the word.
    • Know how to pronounce the word.
    • Which parts of speech is the word used as (e.g. noun, verb)?
    • What are other forms of the word such as plurals or tenses.
    • What are synonyms of the word?
    • What are antonyms of the word?
    • What is the origin or etymology of the word?
    • What words rhyme with this word?

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