Vocabulary Exercise: Definitions

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Vocabulary Practice

    Word * Part of Speech Definition Audio Available?
    afloat Adverb Floating Yes
    afloat Adverb Out at sea Yes
    afloat Adverb Making successful progress under one's own efforts Yes
    below Preposition Lower in spatial position than Yes
    below Preposition Lower in value than Yes
    below Preposition Downstream of Yes
    below Preposition South of Yes
    below Preposition Unsuitable to the rank or dignity of Yes
    below Adverb In a lower place Yes
    below Adverb On a lower story Yes
    below Adverb Farther down Yes
    below Adverb On a lower deck Yes
    below Adverb Temperature less than zero Yes
    bemoan Verb To complain about; to dismay or worry about something Yes
    bestow Verb To present something to someone as a gift or honor Yes
    deplore Verb To bewail; to weep bitterly over; to feel sorrow for Yes
    abreast Adverb Informed, well-informed, familiar, acquainted Yes
    abreast Adverb Side by side, with breasts in a line Yes
    ahead Adverb In or to the front; in advance; onward Yes
    befriend Verb To make a friend of Yes
    beheld Verb To watch, look at Yes
    postpone Verb To delay or put off an event, appointment, etc. Yes

    Vocabulary Word Activities

    • Use the word in an original sentence.
    • Find and learn the definition of the word.
    • Know how to pronounce the word.
    • Which parts of speech is the word used as (e.g. noun, verb)?
    • What are other forms of the word such as plurals or tenses.
    • What are synonyms of the word?
    • What are antonyms of the word?
    • What is the origin or etymology of the word?
    • What words rhyme with this word?

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