Vocabulary Exercise: Definitions

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Vocabulary Practice

    Word * Part of Speech Definition Audio Available?
    arrow Noun A projectile consisting of a shaft, a point, and a tail with stabilizing fins that is shot from a bow Yes
    arrow Noun A sign or symbol used to indicate a direction, for example, -----> Yes
    harrow Noun A farming device used to cultivate land Yes
    harrow Verb To drag a harrow over; to break up with a harrow Yes
    harrow Verb To traumatize or disturb Yes
    narrow Adjective Having a small width; not wide; slim; slender; having opposite edges or sides that are close Yes
    narrow Adjective Restrictive; without flexibility or latitude Yes
    narrow Verb To reduce in width or extent; to contract Yes
    marrow Noun A soft, fatty, inside of bones Yes
    marrow Noun The choicest or essential part Yes
    marrow Noun Strength or vitality Yes
    marrow Noun Rich and nutritious food Yes
    sparrow Noun The house sparrow Yes
    sparrow Noun Any small, nondescript bird Yes
    sallow Adjective Having a grayish, yellow-green hue Yes
    sallow Adjective Dirty, murky Yes
    tallow Noun A hard animal fat Yes
    shallow Adjective Concave upward and significantly less deep than wide Yes
    shallow Adjective Extending not far downward Yes
    shallow Adjective Concerned mainly with superficial matters Yes
    shallow Adjective Lacking interest or substance Yes
    shallow Noun A shallow portion of an otherwise deep body of water Yes
    shadow Noun A dark image projected onto a surface where light is blocked by an object Yes
    shadow Noun Relative darkness Yes
    shadow Noun That which looms as though a shadow Yes
    shadow Noun Merely a hint of substance Yes
    shadow Noun One who secretly follows another Yes
    shadow Verb To block light or radio transmission Yes
    shadow Verb To secretly track or follow another Yes
    elbow Noun The joint between the upper arm and the forearm Yes
    elbow Noun A pipe fitting that turns a corner Yes
    elbow Noun Something having a bend or angle similar to an elbow Yes
    elbow Verb To push with the elbow; to jostle or force Yes
    fellow Noun A companion; a comrade; an associate; a partner; a sharer Yes
    fellow Noun An equal in power, rank, character, etc. Yes
    fellow Noun One of a pair, or of two things used together or suited to each other; a mate Yes
    fellow Noun A person; an individual Yes
    fellow Noun A member of a literary or scientific society Yes
    fellow Verb To suit with; to pair with; to match Yes
    mellow Adjective Soft or tender by reason of ripeness Yes
    mellow Adjective Easily worked or penetrated; not hard or rigid Yes
    mellow Adjective Not coarse, rough, or harsh; subdued; soft; rich Yes
    mellow Adjective Well-matured; softened by years; friendly and cheerful; jovial Yes
    mellow Adjective Warmed by liquor; slightly intoxicated Yes
    mellow Verb To become mellow Yes
    mellow Verb To relax or soften Yes
    fallow Noun Ground ploughed and harrowed but left unseeded for one year Yes
    fallow Noun Uncultivated land Yes
    fallow Adjective Ploughed but left unseeded for more than one planting season Yes
    fallow Adjective Inactive; undeveloped Yes
    fallow Verb To make land fallow for agricultural purposes Yes
    fallow Adjective A pale red or yellow, light brown; dun Yes
    meadow Noun A field or pasture; a piece of land covered or cultivated with grass, usually intended to be mown for hay Yes
    billow Noun A large wave, swell, surge, or wavelike mass of water, smoke, or sound Yes
    billow Verb To surge or roll in billows Yes
    billow Verb To swell out or bulge Yes
    window Noun An opening, usually covered by one or more panes of clear glass, to allow light and air from outside to enter a building or vehicle Yes
    window Noun A period of time when something is available Yes
    window Noun A rectangular area on a computer terminal or screen containing some kind of user interface Yes
    winnow Verb To free or separate grain from chaff, usually by means of wind Yes
    winnow Verb To move about with a flapping motion, as of wings; to flutter Yes
    winnow Verb To fan; set in motion by means of wind; specifically, to expose to a current of air in order to separate and drive off chaff Yes
    winnow Verb To blow upon; to toss about by blowing Yes
    winnow Verb To separate, expel, or disperse by or as by fanning or blowing; to sift or weed out; to separate or distinguish Yes
    winnow Verb To set in motion or vibration; to beat as with a fan or wings Yes
    winnow Verb To wave back and forth; to flutter; to flap Yes
    winnow Verb To pursue or accomplish with a waving or flapping motion, as of wings Yes
    winnow Verb To separate into parts according to kind; to sift Yes
    winnow Noun That which winnows or which is used in winnowing; a mechanical device for fanning or winnowing grain Yes
    widow Noun A woman whose husband has died and has not re-married Yes
    widow Verb To make a widow Yes
    borrow Verb To take or obtain with the promise to return the same or an equivalent Yes
    borrow Verb To adopt or use as one's own Yes
    borrow Verb To borrow something Yes
    borrow Verb To adopt a word from one language to use in another Yes
    borrow Verb To take from one denomination and add to the next lower in subtraction Yes

    Vocabulary Word Activities

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    • Find and learn the definition of the word.
    • Know how to pronounce the word.
    • Which parts of speech is the word used as (e.g. noun, verb)?
    • What are other forms of the word such as plurals or tenses.
    • What are synonyms of the word?
    • What are antonyms of the word?
    • What is the origin or etymology of the word?
    • What words rhyme with this word?

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